SEO Giveaway: Enter To Win A Keyword Strategy

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SEO Giveaway: Win A FREE Keyword Strategy

I really enjoy doing keyword research for SEO.

It is the one search-related process that I bring up in conversation with almost every website owner I meet, and I’m constantly impressed with the different tactics and techniques that business owners are using to expand their online visibility.

I like keyword-level strategy so much that I am going to offer you my very own personalized keyword research services.


One lucky winner will receive a keyword strategy complete with:

  • Keyword Analysis of Existing Traffic
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Opportunity Model


By entering the giveaway you agree to the following terms:

  • You are willing to share your average costs when it comes to developing content
  • You are willing to share some of your employees average hourly rates, whether contractors or Full-Time Employee’s
  • You are OK with your keyword opportunity model being public on

All existing traffic analysis and keyword research will be kept CONFIDENTIAL, however, I will be recording my screen as I build out the winning keyword opportunity model and plan to host the video within a post on this website.

How To Enter

  • Sign in with your Facebook or Email address below
  • You will be given the opportunity to earn more entries, this is optional and you can skip these using the ‘skip’ link in the bottom right hand corner
  • When the giveaway is over 1 winner will be chosen and all entrants will be notified
  • Good luck!

About Nick
Nick is the Co-Founder of an ecommerce consultancy company and the author of this SEO Blog.

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  • edward frebowitz

    Great idea Nick.

    • Thanks Ed!

    • Great stuff. Good keyword analysis is very important, I got mine from htttp:// but I am sure it is not as professional as this one.

  • edward frebowitz

    Nick I was looking at the test you have online for one of the jobs you have available. I’m really new to all of this stuff and I have always know that there is a boatload I do not know about search.

    The posted test really opened up my eyes. I’m going to research all of the questions. I’m betting I can learn more from that test than most, or all of the online courses.

  • Ed – That’s freaking awesome! I never considered the potential value of the questions on the pre-qualification tests… and thinking more about it I could really being doing more with that content in terms of education.

    Thanks so much for taking a couple minutes to share that. I really appreciate it. Also, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email if you ever have any questions or just want to chat through a process.


  • 6 entries I done because I really liked your IDEA for keyword research. I am waiting for the best. Shared everywhere your contest 🙂

    • Thanks Sourabh!! Good luck.

  • Sign in where now?



    • The PunchTab widget should render in the bottom of the post with 2 sign-up options. Are you not seeing them? I have gotten some reports of issues with Internet Explorer, so possibly try Chrome of Firefox. Please let me know if you’re still having trouble. Thanks!

  • i am going to book mark this page. what a very very useful information. thax a lot

  • jamespit

    great post!!!!!

  • This is beneficial for SEO and make the keyword selection process easy because most of the tools have not these type of features.

  • Nice article and good points covered. Guest blogging is one of important strategy under SEO, but we can only target the specific keyword in guest blogging.

  • Keyword research is very crucial for SEO, Fixing the proper keyword is the real trick and you have to do it with extreme caution otherwise it will not fetch desired results. SEO services bring better audience.

  • Thank you so much nick

  • G’day Nick, great site. Is this give away still running. I would love to enter but the entry form is showing an error “Looks like we are having problems loading the giveaway. Please reload the widget.”

  • This is quite good. Not many people are helping others in this field . Keywords is the first building block to start for SEO . Thank you for sharing Nick. Wish to see more from your side.

  • Thank you for sharing the points, but my doubt is any time we search the keywords based on the competition only?

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