Advanced SEO From A Finance Perspective

My AB Testing Lab

I went from peddling stocks for Morgan Stanley to building internet businesses, and I use this website as my personal laboratory for 2 things:

  1. Share the results of my content tests and SEO experiments
  2. Write about how I approach advanced SEO

I have leveraged search to organically grow websites to millions of visitors, several times, without spending $1 on paid advertising. I approach SEO from a technical and mathematical perspective, using information architecture and analysis to guide my projects, and then I test everything as often as possible.

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This website is focused on:

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About Nick Eubanks

A finance nerd turned SEO, I have been building websites for nearly a decade. My most successful internet businesses lean heavily on search and user experience.

I am a Partner at Traffic Safety Store, America’s largest traffic safety ecommerce company, and also at Sports Pick Predictions, a leading sports picks service. I am the Co-Founder of ecommerce consultancy – I’m From The Future, and social media publisher Factor Media. I  organize one of Philly’s most popular user experience meetup’s; Shame On UX.

I have helped companies of all sizes including Thomson Reuters, Morgan Stanley, IBM, Comcast and many others. In addition I own and operate close to 100 websites that I use for a wide variety of purposes including affiliate revenue, SEO tests, and to support niche lead generation.

My current side projects include SEO Leads and Link Babel. I’m always on the look out for a hungry SEO intern.

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Don’t Pay Any Attention To This Section [For Testing Only]

I’m tired this week. It’s been a long drawn out week with a lot of time and attention spent ramping up a lot of outdoor activities for the coming holidays. I really need some torpor, hibernation, or estivation here. I hope I can get the rest I need in the coming days.

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What People Are Saying…

Nick has a wealth of SEO knowledge. A quick 20 minute call turned into a ton of notes and to do’s to execute on. His passion and excitement or what’s coming in the world of search is contagious. Amazing expert.
Dan Martell, Founder, Clarity

Wow everyone should be reading @nick_eubanks blog
Dave Snyder, Director, SteelCast

SEO Nick is among a small set of blogs I go to knowing I’ll always get value
Paul May,  CEO, BuzzStream

Nick was awesome. Got 5+ concrete tips on UX and marketing strategy in less than 1/2 an hour. Nick has a great mind for positioning and marketing.
Scott Krager, Founder,

Nick is an online marketing expert; from SEO and conversion rate optimization to user-focused functionality, Nick can work on any project and improve results.
Mark Kennedy, CEO, SEOM Interactive

Suddenly I was in a business that is growing faster than I could have imagined.
Caral Firestone-Parris, Creator, Emergency Dentist 24/7

An extremely talented and proactive web strategist, Nick has a strong digital marketing background and thinks like a businessman – a business owner.
Mark Gaeto, Managing Director, Falcon Capital Partners

Nick is an SEO expert that produces results and is fun to work with.
Alice Bast, Executive Director, National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

Nick’s knowledge of internet marketing is second to none.
John Frehse, Senior Partner, Core Practice Partners

Questions? Contact Me…

Please feel free to ask me anything; I read and answer every email.

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Fastest: Reach out to me on Twitter

Email: me [a/t] nickeubanks [d/o\t] com

Look Away!

As a busy entrepreneur it’s really important to schedule down time to let your mind and body recharge. I try to use some specific techniques to help aid this process and get my mind ready for another week’s work.

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