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Sick of all the bullshit and snake oil being peddled by SEO Experts that have no clue what they’re doing? If you are looking for real SEO case studies, real data, and actual insights, you’ve come to the right place.

SEO has exploded horizontally, and it seems every place you look there’s a new SEO Guru toting their proven strategy to top the SERP’s, never mind they work a 9 to 5 as a barista and can’t show a single website producing any traffic or revenue.

Not me. I’m a founder, advisor, and investor in several successful online businesses. From ecommerce and lead generation to software and content publishing, my collective ventures gross over $20 million annually. Find out more about me ›

I own and operate websites for a living. This is my full-time job, and it’s all I do.

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What Others Are Saying

Quick, to the point and tactical. Just what I was hoping for.
- Andy O’Dower, Director of Strategy, Discovery Communications

Nick has a wealth of SEO knowledge. His passion and excitement for what’s coming in the world of search is contagious. Amazing expert.
- Dan Martell, Founder,

Wow everyone should be reading
- Dave Snyder, Director, CopyPress

SEO Nick is among a small set of blogs I go to knowing I’ll always get value.
- Paul May, CEO, BuzzStream

Nick is an SEO Wizard! This guy thinks outside-the-box – we got some great ideas on how to setup our internal site structure. Nick is one of the best when it comes to building a site architecture that Google rewards, based around contextual relevancy.
- Kim Roach, Founder, Buzz Blogger

Nick identified some issues to work on and some approaches to tackle them. He was able to answer and give me responses to a broad spectrum of SEO issues related to panda, penguin and domain authority. Thanks Nick!
- Angel Donovan, Founder, Dating Skills Review

Nick was awesome. Got 5+ concrete tips on UX and marketing strategy – he has a great mind for positioning and marketing.
- Scott Krager, Founder,

Nick gave tactical advice around 3 main ways to improve our SEO focused pages. Quality advice that will definitely provide ROI. Thanks Nick!
- Vijay Jeyapalan, Director of Marketing, Unhaggle

Nick was great, and gave a great roadmap!
- Nate Larking, Co-Founder, Developed Sports

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