How Thoughtful Blog Comments Can Build Real Links

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Thoughtful Blog Commenting Kicks Ass

When was the last time you made a comment on a blog post you appreciated that turned into something worthwhile? Like really worthwhile, more than just a blog comment link?

If your experiences are in any way similar to my own, it’s been a long time, if ever.

And Then it Happens

After a very thought provoking meet-up @SEOGrail this past Wednesday, where @IanHowells and @BillSebald faced-off on white hat vs. black hat SEO and the practical applications of each, I decided to check out Ian’s blog, Halo18.

I was immediately greeted by a really cool concept that had never occurred to me; putting my goals into the form of a blog post (Which Ian does in his post titled: Prepping for 2012).

Not only would this help me hold myself accountable for these goals, but it also affords the opportunity to get real feedback from other people that may be reading about them, which in itself could be very beneficial, and potentially cause you to re-think some of your goals and objectives.

Throughout Ian’s post he makes mention of several content development goals, speaking primarily about how often he aims to update the blog with fresh content in the form of posts and new page content.

This Got Me Thinking…

How is he going to develop all of this content? Perhaps he uses guest bloggers… so I decided to ask. Here was my comment:

Ian – What’s your take on guest blogging? Do you do it? How often? Do you try to get other people in the space to contribute on here? Otherwise I like the mention of real estate – a full review of my asset portfolio is SO long overdue, which means that most people in the space probably haven’t given it the thought the should have either… perfect thing to analyze over the holiday break opposed to forcing awkward conversations with 3rd cousins.

Nothing special, just my thoughts – complete with typos. What became of this?


Not for me, but for Ian. This simple string of casual questions led him to instead of responding via comment, write this post: My Take on Guest Posting, complete with a link back to my site, sweet!


Next time you are reading a post by someone you respect, or admire, or hopefully both, and suddenly get hit with a wall of questions, take a moment and ask them… you may be pleasantly surprised by the results. And to Ian, thanks!

The post continues with a more advanced approach to seo linking strategy using an outreach technique meant to enhance your offpage SEO.

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  • Am I the only one who finds it ironic that no one has commented on this post yet? 🙂

    • Alain – Not at all 🙂 Thanks.

  • I can totally understand that there are some people desperately needing backlinks, but this is not justiffies them for leaving spammy comments or unrelated to the topic of the article. I think that all bloggers face this kind of problem on a regular basic, which is not only time takingbut also very boring. And for your post about SEO Grall
    please dont miss understood me but I think that there is not anything like some optimizer or simillar, SEO optimizacija can be done only by hands.

  • Yes it rarely turns out like this but the blog commenting on good page rank blogs often contributes a lot in your link building. But it is very important to keep in mind that commenting on not a good page also penalize your site. So you have to be very careful while selecting your blog to comment.

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