Introducing The SEO Nick Guide on How to Do Keyword Research For SEO

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Introducing The SEO Nick Guide on How to Do Keyword Research For SEO

After a couple months of pulling together examples of research and data, and with help from the great team at, I’m thrilled to publish my guide on how to do keyword research for SEO.

You can go check it out right here, otherwise – let me tell you a little about it.

Over the past couple of years I’ve written heavily about keyword research, sharing my experiences working both in eCommerce and on large-scale content projects.

I even recently put out a little keyword research tool.

But There Was Something Missing…

I still didn’t have one place that I could point people at and say “there you go, that’s everything you need to get started.”

I would pool together all the links I could, put them into an email, and then try to explain the process. This usually resulted in long email chains of back and forth questions and examples.. and more times than not, people getting overwhelmed and simply giving up.

The problem was all of the methods out there didn’t out the research into context, starting from the very beginning.

This guide solves that problem.

It starts off explaining the intrinsic value of a keyword, how to approach thinking about the process, and breaks down their composition in terms of intent.

It gives examples of intent and how to look for it. It steps you through how to tie your keywords back to costs and revenue, and project an accurate return on investment.

And Best Of All

Thanks to, it serves as an interactive community. You can comment on any of the sections and every member of the guide can join in the conversation. As a hosted version, versus just a PDF, the content will continue to evolve going forward.

Just last week I went back in an updated all of the old keyword tool references and processes to now show the keyword planner – and I’ve already added 3 new sections based on questions and feedback from testers.

So it really is just getting started.

What Readers Are Saying:

100% Money Back Guarantee

One of my favorite benefits of publishing with is the opportunity to leverage their no hassle, 7-day 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the guide, you get your money back immediately, no if, ands, or buts.

Table of Contents

The following is a list of what is included in the guide:

  • Section 1 — Getting Started

    • 2 Schools Of Thought
    • The Value Of A Keyword
  • Section 2 — Researching For Searcher Intent

    • Inferring Searcher Intent
    • Segmenting Keywords Into Funnels
    • Avoid Low-Intent Keywords
    • Understanding Keywords In Search Context
  • Section 3 — Time To Do The Research

    • Using The Keyword Planner
    • Don’t Forget To Check Plurals
    • Expand Your List
    • Great Tools
    • The Keyword Combiner
  • Section 4 — Validate The Big Opportunities

    • Evaluate With Google Trends
    • Evaluate Topic Popularity
  • Section 5 — SEO Competitive Analysis

    • Understanding Your Competitive Landscape
    • Getting Started With The Analysis
    • Anatomy Of A Keyword
    • Looking At Authority
    • Data Mining – Release The Scrapers
    • Usurp The SERP – Planning The Takeover
  • Section 6 — Create A Keyword Evaluation Model

    • The Simple Keyword Opportunity Model
    • Adjusting For Competitiveness
    • Build A Test Case
    • Estimating Your Development Costs
    • Estimate Your Revenue
    • The Advanced Keyword Opportunity Model
  • Section 7 — Keyword Research For Page Titles

  • Section 8 — Conducting A Keyword Performance Audit

    • Dive Into Google Analytics
    • Open Excel
    • Open Up Your Freshly Downloaded Data
    • Time For Analysis
  • Section 9 — Closing The Loop

About Nick
Nick is the Co-Founder of an ecommerce consultancy company and the author of this SEO Blog.

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  • Thanks for this informative post
    well from my point of view Keyword research is most important, valuable, and highly result oriented activities in the marketing field. The “right” keywords can make or break your website. The research work is required for puzzling out your market’s keyword demand, we get to know thatwhich terms and phrases to target with SEO.

  • Its nice and very much effecttive for users.

  • As i read this article, i find it very informative. it is a nice one because it deals with an interesting ideas and information. I like it so much as from the first time i read it, the images that are used here attracted me a lot. They take my attention from the first look, so thanks so much for sharing with us this great topic in this great website.

  • Thanks a lot.

    We wanted to know how do we add relevant keywords and make our website popular. We have online store and we wanted to get it on first few results in Google.


  • Thomas

    Any plans to support AMEX in the near future?

    • Hey Thomas – I sent this along to the dev team at and they said it’s in the works.

  • I believe keyword research is one of the most important and relevant tasks in a SEO campaign. This analysis tells us what keywords are the most relevant in searches, for what keywords is worth starting a SEO campaign. This article is very interesting and relevant, I would say, in what keyword problem is concerned.

  • Yeah I totally agree Nick, Keywords research is the first and very important step in SEO, The right keyword selection will make your website up, thanks for posting keep up with the good work.

  • Its nice and knowledgeable information for keyword research.

  • Awesome keyword research guide, Nick! Keyword performance audit, I think, is the most significant subject that surely can’t be missed – whether by beginners or advanced SEO researchers. This could be the most authoritative resource guide for the subject – to come from one of the best SEO strategists in the industry.

  • Helpful advice! thanks!

  • Thank you nick for the sharing great information.

  • Awesome research. thanks for posting keep up with the good work.

  • nice work for keyword research and sorting out the effectiveness of the keyword. thanks

  • It a useful article for the seo beginners because the keyword research is the fundamental of seo. If you do it half the work is done

  • Thank you for the sharing great information.

  • I agree. keyword research is the fundamental of seo

  • BRN

    100% agree !

    • i think without 100% original content nothing can be done. well done author..

  • SEO is getting change day by day all you need to built an authority. Keyword research is all very important for success.

  • KJ

    Here’s an interesting note:

    I’m logged into my primary google account on my android.

    I googled “advanced seo guide” and this page was ranked 3rd. I had visited your site about a week or two ago.

    I go on my desktop (still logged into the same google account), submit the same search query with private results enabled….Nothing. Can’t find ya.

    The search results are so fluid these days I wonder why anyone still tries to track ranking…Why not just segment organic traffic, filter out brand terms, and measure revenue, roi, etc?

    Anyway thanks for the great content.

  • Looking forward to reading the guide! Just from the table of contents I can tell it’s defintely going to be information packed!

  • keyword are good for organic web traffic, its important to find and add the best keyword.

  • Glad to see a new guide on keyword research! With Google’s new keyword planner I think that finding real search numbers and data takes much longer to find.

    Looking forward to trying these methods out

  • Thanks for sharing. Your posts are always so interesting to read, and I’d love to see more!

  • Finding the right keyword for your site is very vital. Good thing there are tools like this that can help your life easier.

  • Been going through your PDF copy found it to be really helpful. Also, there is another perception among people that like to share People often think keyword research for PPC and SEO are same. I really want everyone to go through this blog before going into any keyword research project

  • Thank you for always keeping me up to date with changes! Great post.

  • V? B?c

    Your article pretty good but I would like a little additional level to emphasize keywords
    As we know from the key words are used to optimize the content of a web page so that users can access directly to the site through search engines with targeted keywords . Keyword research can be seen as a “support ” your customers find your website , and help you introduce the service as well as your products . Do not perform keyword research will make you use the wrong keywords and ultimately losing potential customers . Keyword Research and SEO prevent you focused keywords is not really useful . You can rank high for a particular keyword , but the keyword search that has very low volume . This leads to wasted time and resources into optimizing your site on those keywords . I hope my comments are helpful to you . If you can go to my blog to share my knowledge with seo , I specialize in researching new seo software , My Blog : best seo software

  • your article is very nice,it will help the bloggers to do keyword research in very interesting way.

  • Your article is very informative & helpful.

  • Interesting techniques, new stuff for me and going to try it! Quite a while since I made keyword research.

  • Keywords are key, but also knowing your competitions keywords as well.

  • Backlinko has a great keyword research guide…it is worth checking it out.

    • Here is the link for the guide:

  • SEO

    Nice seo article. Very usefull.

  • Nice article on SEO. Keyword Research is where it all starts. It’s important to start off on the right foot and I think you’ve provided some good insight. Thanks 😀

  • I think in seo most important things is keyword analysis.


  • Is this keyword research course updated?


    • Hey Michael – Thanks for asking. I’m in the midst of a major update right now, should be live next week.

      One important consideration is the course is in a digital format that I update every few months, one you have purchased it you maintain lifetime access. I will be pushing a new update live next week and raising the price to $57.


  • This is a very well written post. Keywords are a tricky subject, but obviously a very important one when you are trying to get better search engine rankings and website traffic.

  • Thanks for the awesome suggestions.

  • Green SEO Tools is a directory list site, where SEO worker will find all the websites sorted with appropriate category to do quality SEO easily.

  • Very Nice ! Keywords research is the base of a SEO Strategy…

  • After reading preview pages of this guide, It seems really quite interesting keyword research guide. I am looking forward to buy it.

  • Keyword research plays very important role in SEO. We have to put more effort to do this. From this post I gained some more knowledge about how doing keyword research. Thanks Nick.

  • Boo Friedmann

    Is this guide still available?

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