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So you have an e-commerce site and you have some traffic.

Perhaps you have gone so far as to start spending some money marketing your products or services through search engines either organically or through Search Engine Marketing, like Google AdWords.

In any case, if you are operating a website with the intentions of driving user conversions, I have to ask you a few simple questions:

  • How is your bounce rate?
  • How about your shopping cart abandonment rate?
  • Average time on site?
  • Average pages per visit?

Some of these questions can be easily answered through a quick analysis of your Web Analytics, others like shopping cart abandonment rate, average order size, or even most abandoned funnel stage, take a little more data finesse.

While Google Analytics does have some functionality to allow you to map out your conversion funnel, I prefer to use a tool that sits right on top of Google’s called PadiTrack, it’s simple, intuitive, and best of all 100% FREE!

PadiTrack allows you to very easily map out your conversion funnels and sits right on top of your existing analytics data to allow you to create funnels on the fly. You can even create segments within your conversion funnels.

Here is a quick screenshot of the PadiTrack tool.

Pretty good looking too huh?

You can immediately see how this data could be extremely valuable, as it helps you to pinpoint your major problem areas and know precisely where (maybe not why) your users are bouncing out of your conversion funnel.

This in association with some carefully crafted user experience tests can help you diagnose exactly what you need to change to start increasing your on-site conversion rates by 5, 10 or even 20 percent.

For more information check out some more recent posts on user experience¬†¬Ľ

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