Search Engine Optimization (A Simple Overview of SEO)

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Periodic Table of SEO

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Search engine optimization is mix of coding and linking solutions that allow for certain websites to rank higher than others when specific keyword phrases are queried.

SEO can start on or off page depending on the long-term goals of the campaign.

On-page SEO consists of elements directly related to the architecture and content on the website, things like the platform, code design, page titles, header tags, internal link structure, are just a handful of examples.

Where as, Off-page SEO is the identification, targeting, and development of related content and link networks,  building keyword authority around your target keyword set.

Targeting the right keywords is paramount in achieving sustainable search engine driven traffic solutions. Things like analytics and web traffic analysis are crucial in identifying the terms that people are searching when they find your site, and even more what terms are being searched that are creating conversions.

Organic search is a great leg of a long-term strategy for traffic, but in many cases proper, and large-scale organic search engine optimization can take time to build and maintain steady traffic.

An effective short-term traffic solution is search engine marketing or pay-per-click advertising (also know as SEM and PPC) where by you create ads and bid on how much you are willing to pay per click.

Ads are judged by Google’s AdWords algorithm, based on things like Quality Score and Max CPC (cost per click),  your ads will be displayed somewhere in the top or right sidebar of search results.

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